Steelcase 9000 U-Workstation with Wardrobe

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This Pre-owned 70×90 Steelcase 9000 U-shaped workstation includes a Box/Box/File, a wardrobe bookcase File/File and a half height shelf; shelf not pictured. Worksurface height is 28″ high. Wardrobe/Bookcase/File/File has a coat rod and 1 fixed shelf in the bookcase.


Overall Size: 70 x 90

Spine Size: 90 wide x 65 high

Side Panel Size: 70 wide x 65 high

Worksurfaces: 1 corner, 1 extended corner

Storage:1 Box/Box/File pedestal, 1 Shelf, 1 Wardrobe with bookcase and File/File

Features:Wing Panels, U-Worksurface, Wardrobe bookcase

Fabric Color: Guilford, Spinel Guilden, 5382-070

Trim/Paint Color: Field Stone 7238 Trim, Black Panel Hinges

Worksurface Color: Formica, Natural Canvas 7022-58, PVC edge similar to shadow

Condition: Very Good

Date Available: Now

Item # 35000

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Steelcase 9000 U-Workstation with Wardrobe

ROE Price:
Qty in stock: 100+

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