Office Furniture Liquidation

Space Decommissioning Services

ROE has the experience, manpower, and equipment to completely decommission your office and warehouse space. We can be contracted to timely and professionally remove all of your assets from your existing locations:

  • Cubicles, Seating, Private Offices, Conference, and Other Furniture
  • Copiers, Computers, Telephone Systems, and Other Office Equipment
  • Warehouse Racking, Mezzanines, Forklifts, and Other Warehouse / Material Handling Equipment

Office Furniture Liquidation, Storage and Recycling Services

Recycled Office Environments is prepared to offer several options for liquidation, storage or recycling/disposal of your office and warehouse assets:

  • Sale of Assets to Recycled Office Environments – If your assets are of high enough quality to satisfy ROE’s standards of excellence with only minor cleaning or touch up, we will make you an offer and redeploy the assets to other clientele through our pre-owned and rental programs.
  • Trade-In Credit toward Future Purchases of ROE products – If you expect that you may need additional products or services offered by Recycled Office Environments, accepting a trade-in credit from Recycled Office Environments is often the best way to maximize the value of your assets.
  • Consignment Sale thru ROE’s Nationwide Marketing Alliances – If you prefer to maintain ownership of your assets in an attempt to realize additional value over time, we can extend to you the opportunity to sell your assets thru Recycled Office Environments on a consignment basis. This will require that your assets be of high enough quality to uphold ROE’s reputation of excellence. Additionally, as our individual clientele may not have needs to purchase all of your assets, we will work with you to facilitate a reasonable minimum purchase quantity and sell price, while maintaining your objective to realize additional value from your assets. Consignment sales can be effective for assets that are currently in use, as well as for assets that have been moved to storage and are later sold (although photographs will be necessary).
  • Auction Sale through ROE’s Nationwide Auction Alliance – There are varying schools of thought on auction sales. While they are efficient and final, they generally require that you be willing to bear the risk of not knowing the value you will realize from your assets. If you are a risk taker and desire immediate asset liquidation, we will facilitate the auction thru an on-line nationwide auction service. We will work with you to professionally photograph, describe, and list each asset category in an effort to maximize the auction price when sold. We will also provide the services to remove, package, and ship the assets to the winning bidder. As auctions typically offer interested bidders an opportunity to inspect each lot, auctions work best if the assets are able to remain in their location of use until they are sold.
  • Warehousing and Asset Storage – Recycled Office Environments can provide full service management of your business assets. Our services cover the spectrum warehousing, inventory management and reporting, to satisfying your needs to pull, ship, and reinstall specific assets. Ask ROE to provide a quotation to professionally warehouse your assets until you either need them or eventually determine the most advantageous means of liquidation.
  • Inventory Banking – ROE’s inventory banking program will allow you to “deposit” your assets into ROE’s inventory at a predetermined value and “withdraw” other assets up to the total value deposited. Withdrawals can occur immediately or in the future when the need arises.
  • Recycling /Disposal Services – It is sometimes the case that assets simply cannot be sold or even refurbished for sale. It is in these situations that responsible disposal practices must be employed. As Recycled Office Environments is committed to protecting our environment, we will facilitate disposal an environmentally responsible manner. The materials comprising business assets can often be recycled to reduce the solid waste stream. Additionally, while business assets do not have any value domestically or internationally, they are often able to be redeployed in third world environments. While this option usually includes a cost to package and ship the product, some clientele are willing to explore it as a means to prevent landfill disposal.

Used Furniture

High Quality at an Affordable Price!


An immediate solution to temporary needs

Recycled Office Furniture

Earth Friendly Solutions

Recycled Office Environments buys used office furniture from businesses and brokers throughout the United States. We categorize our inventory and store it in over five million cubic feet of warehouse space. Our offerings feature the highest-quality name brands including Steelcase®, Herman Miller® and Haworth®.

Because Recycled Office Environments is not directly affiliated with any major manufacturer, we are able to provide the solution that best meets both your needs and your budget, without being pressured by a manufacturer to present a specific brand.