Office Design

Increase Your Office’s Productivity

As businesses compete for the most qualified employees, the “look and feel” of an office environment has taken on new importance. Teaming spaces have replaced isolated cubicles, shared workstations reflect increased employee mobility, and call centers are becoming increasingly popular as order entry becomes more technologically advanced.

In fact, the field of Ergonomics itself emerged to provide businesses with information and products that increase employee efficiency and productivity. No longer are competitive wages and benefits enough to ensure the best workforce. Employers must provide a physical environment that helps keep employees healthy and motivated.

ROE has stayed on top of this trend by building a talented team of certified office design professionals who apply these principles into all aspects of office designs.

Their understanding of ergonomic principles, ADA requirements and design aesthetics combine to provide clients with a level of professionalism that is simply not available through a catalog or at a discount warehouse.

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Used Furniture

High Quality at an Affordable Price!


An immediate solution to temporary needs

Recycled Office Furniture

Earth Friendly Solutions

Recycled Office Environments buys used office furniture from businesses and brokers throughout the United States. We categorize our inventory and store it in over five million cubic feet of warehouse space. Our offerings feature the highest-quality name brands including Steelcase®, Herman Miller® and Haworth®.

Because Recycled Office Environments is not directly affiliated with any major manufacturer, we are able to provide the solution that best meets both your needs and your budget, without being pressured by a manufacturer to present a specific brand.