Electrostatic Painting

What is Electrostatic Painting?

The basic law of electricity states that opposites attract. This is what electrostatic painting is based on. The item to be painted is given a negative charge, and the paint is given a positive charge. The paint is then atomized through a special revolving nozzle. The object actually attracts the paint; the paint is not sprayed on, instead it is plated on. With electrostatic painting, the paint can actually be pulled around corners, making sure you have a smooth, even coat. More importantly, there is no over-spray. Conventional spray guns may leave a fog or mist of paint, but this is not so with electrostatic painting. It is remarkably neat and clean.


  • Very quick turn-around time
  • Can be done on-site
  • No need to empty files or desks
  • No over-spray


  • Stickers and old tape are removed
  • Surfaces are lightly sanded
  • Cleaned to remove any contaminates
  • Handles, locks and knobs are covered with tape

The result of electrostatic painting is a durable, hugh quality finish for your metal furniture.

Used Furniture

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Recycled Office Furniture

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